By Charlotte BH

Taking time to celebrate

We seem to be living in an age where often we are very busy. Work or caring for children ( or both for most mums and dads) means we have very little spare time to enjoy ourselves as a family all together. Having a childrens party at bounceagogo we see it as an excuse to take time and celebrate , let your hair down for a couple of hours without the stress of organising it all and enjoying your child’s birthday as a family. It is a celebration that should be shared with siblings family and friends , an excuse to take a couple of hours out of being stressed and enjoy ourselves celebrating the birthday of a special little person.

Baby shark no thank you !

For some time it has been popular to just hire the local soft play ( after all the kids will like it) and endure the 2-3 hours of baby shark ra ra ra and even more ra, and sit at childrens parties waiting for it all to blow over 😉 ha ha . For some people that similarity is important at a childrens party as then they know the kids will be having a great time for sure but are the adults enjoying their time at the party or getting any time off to chat or play? for a lot of the party market it isn’t even in the equation that the adults to enjoy the party 🙁 . We believe at bounceagogo ( because we see it all the time) when mum and dad are relaxed and enjoying the party the birthday child has a magical time. Sharing the moments, play, music and food all together makes amazing childhood memories children don’t forget.

Having a different type of party you can enjoy

At bounceagogo we do things slightly differently because we also try to think about how the parents can have the most time with their children and family and friends at a party. We have designed our party schedule to run so smoothly that parents have to worry about very little at our parties as its all done for them. We do all the hard bits so you don’t have to ! we include the kids food and drinks in the price, adult cafetiere coffees and teas, soft drinks, all your tableware is included and we even cut the cake and wrap it for you for your party bags. You need to bring a birthday cake and some party bags with you, or use our supplier Little SAFFA kitchen who will make these bespoke just for you and deliver them to the venue.

a party room for everyone

Our exclusive party rooms are designed in such an imaginative way that we know the kids will have a great time! We have bespoke inflatables ( built to take adult weight) such as our infamous pirate ships, or obstacle courses which are different to a standard bouncy castle. For one they are safer, as they are soooo big and weighty they will never topple or lose balance but two they are so much more fun !! We also have so much other fun things to do whether its a 3 year olds party to an 11 year olds party. At all our parties by far the most favourite pieces of equipment ( after the inflatables ) are the giant beach balls. Often its dads that love these the most!!! in our play areas there is no division between kids and adults, you can join in the play area whenever you like and at our seating ( whether it be the party table or café tables) everyone can sit and eat.

We currently have 3 venues Chessington, raynes park and Guildford.

lighting is really important

We light our rooms to be a disco-ey sensory experience, this makes it feel like a complete exclusive party lounge with all the trimmings. It also sets the mood for dancing and having fun at bounceagogo, discoagogo, nerfagogo or club classic parties. All kids love the light shows, and we have also lit our parties this way as from experience they are more inclusive for children who are neuro-divergent ( no stark white light or strip lights). We have experience as our son is neuro-divergent.

Music is really important too

Music is really important too. We get asked if we play childrens music and the answer in short is – no. Its not that we are against kids tunes but you can listen to your child watching paw patrol at least 70 times a day at home ( if you are lucky ha ha) so we give everyone an excuse not to listen to it for a couple of hours. We do play pop the kids love interspersed with classic tunes, disco, 90s, some club classics and chart hits. its a nice mix to let everyone let their hair down to. Have a dance and relax………..

If you have a favourite song for your child and we can play it ( copyright etc.) we can add this into our playlist.

We champion hard working young people

Relaxing, celebrating and enjoying the party together is also the reason why we don’t provide childrens entertainers or book them ( we have amazing facepainters BTW). Our trained part staff will provide all the elements to your party, whether that’s dancing for prizes or nerfagogo games giving you the opportunity to join in, we prefer the nuanced approach. At bounceagogo anything goes we love you to chat, laugh, dance or play giant beach ball! We want granny to come and dance or play nerfagogo! Why? because this is what creates amazing memories for your child. Children are happiest when mum and dad are happy and relaxed its simple.

embracing fun at our parties

Week on week we are blessed to receive amazing reviews where kids have said they have had the best party ever ! This wholeheartedly means to world to Dan and I ( and our amazing team). We love to hear as well when parents tell us the mums and dads had such a great time too ‘it surprised us how much fun we had, we will be back next year!’ We have had the same families come back to us year on year for 6 years now and each time its a pleasure to see them have fun with us again! Our party packages suit all ages up to 11 years. Bounceagogo 1-4 years, discoagogo 4 years +, discoagogo club classic 7+ and Nerfagogo 7+.

Making great memories

We hope with every family that books a party through us they are able to relax and enjoy a real party! It is a different concept to embrace and not be worrying about all the elements of the party, it is actually quite hard ! Don’t worry we understand, its why we are available to answer your questions beforehand and we keep you involved at every part of your party. You will know all about timings before the big day , your food and drinks are all ordered for you and delivered to the venue, and on the day the aim is to take great care to ensure we are delivering a fantastic party for child , as stress free for you as it can be and great memories can be made easily!

you can book a bounceagogo party by filling in our contact us page at

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