Discoagogo (4-7 yrs)

The ‘Best Kids Disco in Town’ is finally here! Discoagogo is a fusion of all of the fun and craziness of Bounceagogo mixed with an amazing Disco party vibe. You’ll be dancing along with your kids listening 70’s, disco classics, 80’s, 90’s, naughty’s and modern day Dance and pop classics! With the amazing music you’ll be playing on the massive inflatables, play equipment as well as the amazing disco lights and watching the visuals up on a big screen (no screen in New Malden) . Mixed in with some dancing , glo sticks and light up jewellery and a treasure hunt you and your kids will experience a unique Disco/club feel in an amazing play environment. Discoagogo is a free play party, with lots of dancing and fun. Where all ages can join in ( younger children, family and friends, big brothers to babies), we encourage everyone to party!

Party Package

Discoagogo is £299 for up to 25 children (4-7yrs).

Party bags start at £2.50

Party Food

Included in the cost of the Discoagogo is our fantastic party food. Always great at a party we offer Hot Dogs (Veggie or chicken menu on request at booking may incur a fee), fruit platters, party nibbles, Nachos and popcorn, party biscuits OR Make your own healthy wraps with ham, cheese, salad, fruit, and nachos, popcorn and party biscuits.  Visually it looks (& tastes) amazing and because it looks so good you can guarantee that the kids will eat it!

Ask parents to stay and enjoy a coffee, some food and join in the party vibe.

Whilst the kids are too busy playing and having a good time, why not take the opportunity to catch up with each other, get to know the parents at the school gate a bit better or just enjoy some time playing with the kids. We all need to let our hair down sometimes , relax and have fun………

Coffee’s and teas

One of the nice touches to a Discoagogo party is both our catering and the coffee that we serve. We serve quality food and drinks, just read our reviews!

We also serve lovely Costa Cafetiere coffee at all of our parties for the adults, and you can pre order a tea and coffee and soft drink package for your party.

Add some adult food such as sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, nibbles, dips ( we can have these at your party).

We take all the pressure for you

From the moment you pick up the phone or fill out our Contact Us form, to the moment you leave at the end of your party we aim to make your Discoagogo Experience as stress free as we can possibly can. It is often under estimated how much work goes into the delivery of a successful children’s party. Our job is to do all of the hard work for you (and we are really good at it). All we ask is that you bring a cake, guests and come and have a great time!

If you would would like any further information about Discoagogo or any other of our parties packages or events then please get in touch via our Contact Us form or call on 07841 748359.


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