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5 Stress-Free Tips for Hosting a DIY Children’s Party at Home!

Hosting a successful DIY Children’s Party for 3 to 6-year-olds is achievable with proper planning. This guide provides five key strategies: selecting a kid-friendly theme, budgeting affordably with homemade decorations and snacks, infusing creativity through themed activities, ensuring content is suitable for various ages, and maintaining simplicity to minimize stress. By implementing these tips, any parent can orchestrate a memorable and enjoyable party for children.

5 Must-Have Features of an Exceptional Nerf Party Provider!

Planning your child’s Nerf party is made effortless with Bounceagogo, which emphasizes safety, customization, exciting games, ideal venues, and varied party packages. Safety protocols and customization options ensure your child feels special and secure. The entertainment includes diverse, engaging games suitable for 7 to 10-year-olds, offered in multiple budget-friendly packages at well-prepared venues, contributing to a seamless and memorable experience. Contact Bounceagogo to organize a hassle-free, unforgettable event.

The Gift

Compared to our local competitors a Bounceagogo Party is certainly not the most expensive, however, it’s also not the cheapest (For what you get, however, it is incredible value). But whether you buy a package from us, do it all yourself, goto a play centre, hire an...

Just Not Corporate

We don’t wear a uniform. Our team sometimes takes their shoes off when working, having been on their feet all day. Although chaotic, our parties also have a very laid back and hopefully cool feel. There is no division between where the children play and where the...

Dancing with your kids

Dancing with your kids

By Charlotte BH Taking time to celebrate We seem to be living in an age where often we are very busy. Work or caring for children ( or both for most mums and dads) means we have very little spare time to enjoy ourselves as a family all together. Having a childrens...

Children’s Party venues Chessington

Children’s Party venues Chessington

Children's Party Venues Chessington Bounceagogo children's parties and events has had 3 children's party venues in Chessington. Finding the right party venue in Chessington can be difficult, we have high standards and ticking all the boxes is important to us, we loved...

Bounceagogo in Mitcham

Bounceagogo in Mitcham Boxgrove Primary School Hall On the 13th July (2019) we here at Bounceagogo are opening our first Children's Party venue in Guildford. Specifically, we are opening at the Boxgrove Primary School. Why Guildford We launched Bounceagogo back in...

A Successful Joint Party

There are a number of really good reasons why you would choose to have a joint party, not just with Bounceagogo, but at home, in a church hall or with any other party provider/venue. These reasons could be there are two or a group of children who are friends from...

Young People

Young People The content of this post was originally the the content of a Bounceagogo Facebook post published on October 10th, 2018.  Meet Georgia. She is the daughter of one of our face-painters, Natasha. We think Natasha is great and one of the things we love about...

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