All our food is freshly prepared for your party by our caterer little SAFFA kitchen.

*****A note about food allergies and intolerances – we try to accommodate as many food intolerances as we possibly can safely. We provide the information to you that we have from manufacturers of foods etc. in good faith.  Unfortunately children with very severe or multiple allergic reactions to foods may need to bring their own food to our parties as a precaution. We reserve the right to ask children to bring their own food if the menu may not be deemed safe for them or we feel we cannot provide a safe option for them, purely for health reasons only.

***Nuts and nut allergies – we do not knowingly use nuts however some bakery and snack items are labelled with ‘may contain traces labels’ this is a precaution and thus if you believe this is not safe for your child please do let us know , we would suggest bringing your own foods where safety is most important. May contain traces does not mean nuts is a listed  ingredient but manufacturing processes cannot guarantee nut free environments.

It is a parents responsibility to make sure their child is not eating the wrong foods, we suggest children that require medication that their parents remain onsite at all times.

*** if there are children with allergies attending and we need to provide wipes for hands after eating please tell us

*** Note our spread in sandwiches and rolls is free from dairy, gluten, lactose and soya.

We cannot adjust whole menu’s for multiple intolerances or allergies unfortunately. To adjust a whole menu for single allergies such as gluten, dairy, egg etc. please discuss with us. There is a often a supplement to do this to cover costs only for additional foods needed.

If we can cater for a single child’s intolerances or allergies their food with be in a separate meal which has a small supplement to cover costs only of additional food.

We DO NOT have all the packaging for foods on site, sorry.

Vegetarian or pork free menu’s do not require a supplement as a buffet. Vegan may incur a supplement as it can be expensive to purchase.

There are certain foods we cannot provide

Nut based foods

Sesame based foods such as hummus

Grapes or strawberries

For a list of allergens please scroll downwards

Menu For Bounceagogo Parties ( scroll down for disco, nerf and adult food)

Children’s Cold Buffet Menu 0-4 years

Sandwich platters (Ham/Cream cheese and cucumber/Cheese/Egg)

Mini sausages and crudites

Cheese Biscuits

 Seasonal fruit platter

Party biscuits

Squash and/or Water

We can offer a vegetarian or pork free menu ****if given 7 days notice

(pork free may still include tuna and chicken, vegetarian is entirely meat free)

Dairy free, egg free or gluten free plates available (each plate is £4.00)

Nerfagogo and Discoagogo Menu 

Soft rolls ( ham, cheese, cream cheese and cucumber and tuna)

crudites and mini sausages ( or veggie sausages on request)

fruit platter

crisps and popcorn

party biscuit platter

Pork free will include chicken, vegetarian contains no meat but may include egg or dairy.

Please ask for a quote for vegan

Adult sandwich platters 

Mixed platter (24 quarters £22)

Meat Platter (24 quarters £21)

Vegetarian platter (24 quarters £20)

Adult food and drinks 

Teapots and cafetiere coffee plus water are available for your guests to help themselves throughout the party. This is included in the package price. We have a NO ALCOHOL policy.

Soft drinks – coke, lemonade, sparkling water £8.50

We can have adult food served at your party, or savoury or sweet platters. These can be very cost effective and time saving for you.

 Please contact us at least 5 days before you party if you decide that you would like to offer adult sandwich’s or food platters at your party so that we can order them in time.

Mixed sandwich platter £22.00 (24s)

Meat sandwich platter £21.00 (24s)

Vegetarian £20.00 (24s)

Savoury party platter- quiche ( bacon and gruyère, caramelised onion and cheddar), mini sausages with BBQ dip, sausage rolls and cheese and onion rolls, posh crisps and humus ( serves 30) £35.00

Whole freshly baked cakes by SAFFA kitchen chocolate, carrot or vanilla £20.00 ( serves 15) 

Cookies and cupcake platter (a dozen freshly baked cupcakes ***) and bakery cookies £30.00 

Sweet platter (one whole cake of your choice), and a dozen cupcakes ***£39.00 (serves 30). 

Breakfast platter – danishes, pastries and muffins £35 ( serves 30)

*** cupcake flavours please choose one chocolate, vanilla, chocolate orange, chocolate mint, raspberry ripple, salted caramel, coconut, mango, passion fruit and orange, red velvet and lemon.

If you wish to bring along cold snacks and nibbles on the day for adults then that is absolutely fine with us. We stress though that this does not include drinks (See above).

There are no cooking facilities at any of our venues so please make sure that the food is prepared and ready to be served such as crisps, sandwiches or biscuits. You must bring all your own bowls, paper plates etc with you.  We do not allow serving of food that requires the use of cutlery.

No delivery pizzas or takeaways please.

Birthday Cake – we recommend little saffa kitchen , see kerry’s cakes on instagram @littlesaffakitchen or call her on 07986 225603.

List of common allergens in children’s menus ( this is not exhaustive)

Rolls – gluten, wheat, soya

bread – gluten, wheat, soya

Cheese – Milk, dairy

Tuna Mayonnaise – mustard , egg

Egg Mayonnaise – Mustard, egg

MIni sausages – wheat

Cheese nibbles – wheat, milk

Popcorn – soya

Biscuits – wheat, milk, soya, egg

Chicken – pea protein

Quorn ( vegetarian sausages) – wheat, egg, barley

Cream cheese – milk, dairy


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