Our Children’s Menu

Our Children’s Menu


Each meal is separated for each child onto a plate

Ham and cheese sandwiches ( made with dairy free spread), watermelon and other fruit, nibbles or crisps , raspberry or chocolate swirl cake and a sprinkle of marshmallows

( vegetarian menu – includes no ham, and no marshmallows ( gelatin) 

We can supply vegan plates ( at no cost) but not whole buffets 

Blackcurrant / Orange Squash and water


The menu includes gluten, dairy and egg.  Raw Egg is not included, cooked egg can be avoided by avoiding any cake products.

Dairy can be avoided eating no cheese sandwiches or cake products

Gluten or dairy free meals £4.50 each ( all of the above just all gluten/wheat or dairy free) This covers the costs for additional foods and preparation only.

We do not knowingly serve nuts.

Our venues are nut free zones but cannot guarantee an entirely nut free environment ( cannot guarantee if guests may have eaten nuts previously to attending)

Children with very severe or multiple allergic reactions to foods may need to bring their own food to our parties as a precaution.

It is a parents responsibility to make sure their child is not eating the wrong foods, we require children that require medication that their parents remain onsite at all times.

Unfortunately we arent able to adjust whole menu’s for multiple intolerances or allergies but can make your childs plate of food look as similar as possible to the menu so they don’t feel different 🙂

We DO NOT have all the packaging for foods on site

List of common allergens in children’s menus ( this is not exhaustive)

bread – gluten, wheat, soya

Cheese – Milk, dairy

Cheese nibbles – wheat, milk,

Biscuits – wheat, milk, soya, cooked egg

Cake – gluten, dairy, cooked egg

Foods you cant bring

Nut based foods (allergen)

Sesame based foods such as hummus or foods with sesame ( allergen)

Grapes or strawberries for children ( choking and allergen)

Adult food and drinks

Teapots and cafetiere coffee plus water are available for your guests to help themselves throughout the party. This is included in the package price. We have a NO ALCOHOL policy.

Soft drinks – coke, lemonade, sparkling water £8.50

cookies and biscuits for 20-25 adults £18.00

Freshly baked cupcakes £15.00 per dozen – buttercream piped cupcakes with sprinkles

Victoria Parrys Pantry makes sweet treat selections ( check your booking email for details)

If you wish to bring along cold snacks and nibbles on the day for adults then that is absolutely fine with us. We stress though that this does not include drinks NO ALCOHOL OR SOFT DRINKS bought in (See above). The food ideally is pre-separated out for parents to be able to take from separate tables if there are covid measures in place to do so. Thankyou

Marks and Spencer, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Morrisons do sandwich platters for collection at their stores 

There are no cooking facilities at any of our venues so please make sure that the food is prepared and ready to be served such as crisps, sandwiches or biscuits. Please bring all your own bowls, paper plates etc with you.  We do not allow serving of food that requires the use of cutlery, heating etc. No takeaways please including pizza ( please note that fast food deliveries will not be permitted at the venues anyway). We have no fridges or freezers or kitchens for you to use.

Birthday Cake

little saffa kitchen,  instagram @littlesaffakitchen or call her on 07986 225603.

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