Menu For Bounceagogo Parties

 (please scroll down for discoagogo, nerfagogo and adult Menu)

Children’s Cold Buffet Menu 0-4 years

Sandwiches (Ham/Cream cheese/Cheese/Egg)

Mini sausages

Cheese Biscuits


 Seasonal fruit

Crudites (carrot, cucumber)

Party biscuits

Squash and/orWater

We can offer a vegetarian or pork free menu ****if given 7 days notice

(pork free may still include tuna and chicken, vegetarian is entirely meat free)

Dairy free, egg free or gluten free plates available (1st plate free, extras are £3.00 each)

Nerfagogo, Nerf Wars and Disco Menu 

Menu 1 – Hotdogs in a roll, condiments, crudites and salad, fruit platter, tortilla chips and popcorn and a party biscuit platter

Menu 2- Make your own healthy wrap: a wheat wrap, ham, cheese, salami, mini sausages, salad and crudites, fruit platter and popcorn or tortilla chips

Pork free will include chicken or tuna, vegetarian contains no meat but may include egg or dairy.

We cannot combine menu’s please choose one option. If you would like more than one hotdog or wrap per child please ask us for a quote.

Adult sandwich platters 

Mixed platter (24 quarters £22)

Meat Platter (24 quarters £21)

Vegetarian platter (24 quarters £20)

Adult crisps and nibbles
(for 10-15 parents £17.50)

Houmous and other dips

Breadsticks and crisps (kettle chips or similar)

Popcorn in a variety of flavours

Adult cakes or biscuits
(for 15-20 parents £15.50)

A selection of cakes such as chocolate, carrot, sponge etc OR

Cookies and biscuits

A mix of both £15.50


 Costa Coffee & Twinings Tea Packages

Package 1    £35.00

4 pots of coffee ( each pot makes 8 cups) , 2 pots of tea, 1 bottles of coke, 1 bottle of diet coke, 1 bottle of lemonade, fresh juice and a selection of fruit teas.

Package 2   £25.00

4 pots of coffee , 2 pots of tea, 1 bottle of coke, 1 bottle of diet coke, I x jug of juice and selection of fruit teas

Please let us know the week before your party which package you would like and make payment with your final party payment.

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