All our food is freshly prepared for your party by our caterer little SAFFA kitchen.

Menu For Bounceagogo Parties ( scroll down for disco, nerf and adult food)

Children’s Cold Buffet Menu 0-4 years

Sandwich platters (Ham/Cream cheese and cucumber/Cheese/Egg)

Mini sausages and crudites

Cheese Biscuits and Cheese

 Seasonal fruit platter

Party biscuits

Squash and/or Water

We can offer a vegetarian or pork free menu ****if given 7 days notice

(pork free may still include tuna and chicken, vegetarian is entirely meat free)

Dairy free, egg free or gluten free plates available (each plate is £4.00)

Nerfagogo and Discoagogo Menu 

Soft rolls ( ham, cheese, cream cheese and cucumber and tuna)

crudites and mini sausages ( or veggie sausages on request)

fruit platter

crisps and popcorn

party biscuit platter

Pork free will include chicken, vegetarian contains no meat but may include egg or dairy.

Please ask for a quote for vegan

Adult sandwich platters 

Mixed platter (24 quarters £22)

Meat Platter (24 quarters £21)

Vegetarian platter (24 quarters £20)

Adult crisps and nibbles
(for 10-15 parents £17.50)

Houmous and other dips

Breadsticks and crisps (kettle chips or similar)

Nibbles in a variety of flavours

Adult cakes or biscuits
(for 15-20 parents £15.50)

A selection of cakes such as chocolate, carrot, sponge etc OR

Cookies and biscuits

A mix of both £15.50



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