Young People

The content of this post was originally the the content of a Bounceagogo Facebook post published on October 10th, 2018. 

Meet Georgia. She is the daughter of one of our face-painters, Natasha. We think Natasha is great and one of the things we love about her is her work ethic (and of course her ability to paint faces). So when Natasha said that Georgia was looking for a part time job we decided to bring her on board. Our thinking was, with regard to work ethic that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

Georgia is 16 soon to be 17. All of the Bounceagogo team range in age from 16 to 20 years and are all doing either A levels or a degree. Because of the age all of the young people that come to work for Bounceagogo they tend to have very little work experience so we normally have little to go on to determine whether they will fit into the team and if they will develop the required skill set to deliver our parties. If they do have what it takes we then ask these young people to go on a pretty steep learning curve. The biggest learning that these young people go on is learning how to deal with people. In context of the smooth delivery of our parties this is a hell of allot to ask of young people. Not everyone makes it at Bounceagogo as our standards are so high and it is nowhere near as straight forward as some assume that it might be. But the good news is that Georgia has hit the ground running. Like her mum she has a great attitude to work and is learning fast. It will be about another 6 weeks or so before we let Georgia loose to either run back of house or host parties. By then she would have gone through 8 weeks of training. She would have also trained/worked at more parties than most people would have been to in there entire lives. This young lady will most certainly know what she is doing (like the rest of the team).

The work of young people like Georgia has been a massive part of what the Bounceagogo reputation has been built upon. We have had the odd hic up along the way which has been learning for us all. But personally speaking, I have taken great pride in watching the young people who work at Bounceagogo become so much more than the sum of there parts. They come to us young and lacking both life and work experience. But to watch these young people become great at what they do, more so than many people who have age and experience on there side is a genuine source of pride and pleasure. What we love about working with and training these young people is we can’t offer them (yet) their dream job but we can help them develop allot of the skills and work ethic required to get it!! Well done Georgia, keep up the great work!!

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