Why are Bounceagogo Parties So Good?

Why are Bounceagogo Parties So Good has not been a straight forward question for us to answer here at Bounceagogo HQ. We say this  because we are very confident in what we do. This is in part due the very regular positive feedback we get from out customers and their guests but after a year since we launched we have just done so many parties now. But even when we started to list the obvious things that make our parties so good we still struggled to see the real reason even when it was staring us in the face. See if you can spot it from our list (which is in no particular order):

  • All parties are EXCLUSIVE. You do not share with anyone. The venue is for you and all your guests
  • All catering provided by Waitrose Events Catering
  • Catered Parties is £249 for 25 children; £9.96 per head
  • Lots of FREE Parking at all 3 of our venues
  • All 3 venues are different but are equally brilliant
  • With both a Self and Catered party our team run the whole party for you. Just concentrate on being with your friends and family. We run the whole show.
  • We don’t just have an Bouncy Castle, we have massive pirate ships and massive mega slides. Brilliant!
  • All of our soft play equipment is brilliant fun,
  • There is loads of it,
  • & its really clean!
  • We make the experience as easy for you from the moment you first make contact with us to the moment you leave (with a big smile on your face).

Seriously, the list we have done in the office just goes on and on so I hope the above has started to give you a feel for why our parties are so good. But even with this list in front of us we still weren’t completely clear of what made the parties work so well. Eventually, after a year of delivering these parties it dawned on us. We have never looked at what we do as just a children’s party. We have seen it as more than that. We have seen it as an EVENT. Something more than a party. An event that we hope you and your child will remember for ever!

If you are thinking of having a children’s party, complete the ‘Party Inquiry Form’ (which is either to the right or just below depending on the sort of device you are viewing this post on) and let us show you what we can do!



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