Compared to our local competitors a Bounceagogo Party is certainly not the most expensive, however, it’s also not the cheapest (For what you get, however, it is incredible value). But whether you buy a package from us, do it all yourself, goto a play centre, hire an entertainer or, spend a fortune and throw a complete extravaganza, you are ultimately buying/staging a completely heartfelt gift for your child. You want this party, the day, just everything about it to be something your child will enjoy and remember.  You want to show them an expression of just how wonderful they are and how precious it was the day they came into this world and change your life for the better. How and with who you use to throw this party is not the issue but the expression of love and appreciation of your child is! It really is a wonderful gift. I hope your next child’s birthday party is all of the above!

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