Our Nerf Guns

Last week we had our first Nerf Wars Party Staff training session. What this basically meant was all the Bounceagogo staff got together and played all the different games that make up our Nerfagogo Parties using all of our brand new Nerf Guns. The idea behind this was that as a team we felt that the best way to learn all the games was to play them (This also doubled as a great staff social).

First off, this was absolutely brilliant fun. Seriously, this was the most fun as a team I think we’ve ever had. We all just played like big kids. But a big part of what made it so much fun were the guns we used. One of the main guns that we are using is from the Nerf N-Strike Series, the Nerf Strongarm.

The Strongarm

The Strongarm holds upto 6 darts at a time. Great fun!

As you can see from the photo the Strongarm is a great looking piece of kit. It holds up to 6 darts at a time and works on a pump action to cock each dart.

Everyone one on the team used this gun plus a couple of 5 year olds (Children of team members) also gave it a go and we all agreed that this was a great choice of gun for our Nerf Wars parties. We are also using other guns from the N-Strike range, so look out for further post on the those. This gun really is great fun to use and to play Nerf Wars with. Book a party with us soon you’ll get to see first hand just how much fun this gun is but also how good our Nerfagogo parties actually are!

If want find out more about our Nerfagogo or Bounceagogo parties please write to us via our Contact Us page or call 07841 748359

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