Party Candles on a CakeLucky for us, since Bounce a Go Go has been open on Saturday’s we’ve had a steady stream of people coming with their kids having a really good time. Both kids and parents have been bouncing and sliding on the massive pirate ship. They been climbing in out of tents and tunnels, diving in the ball pool and sliding down the elephants nose. Not only does it look good fun but its great fun to work at also. We’ve had also really positive feedback on what we are doing here at Bounce a Go Go which has been great.

Each week when the kids are leaving with the parents I give them all a lollipop or a sweet and a balloon. I also give the parents one of our flyers. In the beginning I wasn’t even sure why I handed them out. The fact they had just had a lovely time at Bounce a Go Go means that they had already responded to either our on or off-line marketing. But as the parent dutifully turns over the flyer they see that it reads ‘Book a children’s party at Bounce a Go Go’. It’s at this point that most people say ‘Oh, you do parties’.

It has therefore become obvious that here at Bounce a Go Go we haven’t so far got this part of our marketing right. So, I’m going to start to put that one right. Click here to be taken through to our party page of our site where you’ll get a breakdown of our great value party packages. As you will see to the right of this page that you book your party on-line. What we can promise you is that for a great price we will give your kids, guest and the parents a great party and a day to remember.

I know this post has been a shameless plug but I felt I really needed to be clear and put it out there. WE DO PARTIES…….

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