I heart my nannyDue the nature of modern parenting, child care and trying to get a work/life balance finding a trusted, experienced Child Minder or Nanny has for many of us become a necessity. Unfortunately,  mortgages, rents and the general cost of living is not getting any cheaper and as we all can’t become Jackpot Lottery winners working out a plan to make sure our little ones are cared for whilst both parents work has become where a Child minder or Nanny step in.

For most, recruitment would be done with good old ‘word of mouth’ or perhaps going through an agency. But I’d like to suggest another method by which to recruit your ideal Nanny or Child Minder. Come to a Bounceagogo Stay n Play. So what is the basis of the bold and slightly left of centre suggestion?

At Bounceagogo we are lucky enough to have a number regular Nannies and Child Minders come to our Stay n Play sessions. What we see at these sessions is that both the Nannies and Child Minders obviously have their own personalities and therefore style of doing things. But what is consistent throughout is the genuine connection that they have with the children in their care. It’s a connection that suggests that the child whilst in their care sees them as there world, as their safe haven, their absolute care provider. Spend some time at Bounceagogo and watch these carers in action. Through my simple view of the world I would see that method of recruitment as at least as valid as any other. Perhaps, dare I say just a little better!

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