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Invited Guest Only

Invited guests only

One of my pet hates is that when you take your kids along to a party at a Soft Play center you have to share the party with hundreds of other children and their families.

I remember the first time I experienced this. At the time we weren’t at a party. We had just gone along for standard ‘pay and play’ at a very large soft play venue local to South West London (You might know the one I mean). As we played with our son, along side at least another hundred children ¬†we watched at least 3 change overs of different sets of kids in what apparently was a party room. This room was where children would go in eat some party food and then 15 minutes later were guided back out onto the play area to carry on playing with the hundred or so members of the general public.

Initially, I was really impressed from a business prospective by the way these parties were moved to their party room almost like a ‘human sheep dip’. But for both Charlotte and I what was really missing was that it wasn’t a family party. One that was really special, a party that was exclusively for the family, friends and invited guests. Not one that seemed slightly corporate and clinical.

This early experience of soft play party venues subsequently became one of the key inspirations for the Bounceagogo party format. And, so far it has worked for us. It is just so important to us that all our parties are ‘Exclusive’. Our events are for no-one else accept you. This exclusivity really helps make a great party. A party that you’ll always remember!

If you have any questions about a Bounceagogo party get in touch via our contact us page, leave a comment below or just give us a call on 07841 748359.

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