Disco Jewellery

At our Discoagogo parties all the kids are given what we call ‘Disco Jewellery’. We start giving this out about 40 to 45 minutes into the party and we start with the birthday girl or boy.  They normally go straight to mum and Dad and show them there florescent ring,  bracelets, or or glow stick. This in turn starts a rush of kids wanting there light up/florescent jewellery.  Now let me to be clear,  the jewellery is not ‘high end’. This is cheap plastic purchased via ebay. But the reaction of the kids when they put on the ring that lights up or there glow stick necklace is a sight to behold. You would think they had just been given a Cartier watch or a Faberge Egg.  But, ultimately this is where the magic lies.   Yes, they maybe surrounded by massive inflatables and more play equipment than they could know what to do with but in the eyes of a 4, 5 or 6 year old this make what is already a great party something special. And adding value/magic is what we are all about.

In what ways do you work to add value to your product or service?

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