Being an avid user of Facebook I have become aware of the growing momentum around the two campaigns of Coppafeel and No More Page Three. Both are great campaigns which in part due to social media have gained massive momentum spreading their completely on point messages. Breast Cancer is a horrific disease touching millions of women and their families both in this country and all over the world. Page 3, in my view has absolutely no place in our modern society and I almost cannot believe that it is still featured in our most popular daily news paper.

So, as non Sun reader I had no idea that someone at News UK had come up with the bright idea that ‘Page 3 is to do with breasts, Coppafeel is also to do with breasts so……….lets put them together’. Now, I’m not so surprised that someone at the Sun came up with this but what I do find surprising is that Coppafeel who have a great message have got together with the Sun to create a campaign called the ‘Check Em Tuesday’.

So there I was not knowing anything about this other than a positive awareness of both campaigns. That was until my wife forwarded me a post from a blog titled ‘My Tights Won’t Stay Up’  .In this particular post titled ‘Coppafeel’ the author Fiona Cramp gives an insightful description of everything that is wrong with ‘Check Em Tuesday’. In fact Fiona Cramps humour and style of writing just makes ‘Check Em Tuesday’, seem valid in sentiment but ridiculous and harmful with the use of page three and it models in this context. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Coppafeel, I believe really needs to distance itself from page 3 as it seriously damages the message and sadly its credibility. Page 3 models and their association with the Coppafeel campaign for me is not so much the issue per se but the inevitable sexualisation of breasts in the context of of this terrible disease. Horrible and shocking!

In the meantime, check out the ‘My Tights Won’t Stay Up’ blog and the post ‘Coppafeel’. I have read a number of their posts now and this blog is a gem. Well worth a follow!

Let me know what you think????

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