All the great soft play at Bounceagogo

Cheap and Cheerful: At Bounceagogo we have thousands of pounds worth of toys and soft play equipment. Indeed, the most common thing that I hear as guests walk into Bounceagogo is ‘WOW’. The pirate ship, combined with all the multiple colours of all the equipment and the massive height of the ceiling can only really lead to a Wow reaction.

What has been interesting of late is that recently Charlotte decided to by some small inflatables that have included a Snakes, Palm Trees, Dice, Killer Whales and Nemo the Fish. These were all brought because they looked a bit silly and allot of fun. What has been an ‘eye opener’ for us is that they have been played with as much as any of our other equipment. This is all good but when you compare the cost of our Pirate Ship or Roller Coasters with the cost of one of these new inflatable (each costing approximately £3 each) for a brief second you start to question if we are getting real value for money in terms of what these piece of equipment cost when compared to a £3 small inflatable.

Of course, the questioning is fleeting. Its fleeting as these small cheap and cheerful in toys  we have come to realise that dispite their costs define Bounceagogo. Bounceagogo is just about having fun, ‘Period’. The way in which we have put Bounceagogo together is so that the fun is not restricted to the children but to the parents and carers also. Yes Bounceagogo is visually impactful, bright, colourful and when you walk in the room is dominated by the massively high ceiling and the pirate ship but even though it looks great it the feeling we’re after. As an example there is no café area for adults to separate them from the children. Everyone is in together. The best thing about this set up is that parents see also see and end up playing with the inflatable Snakes, Fish, Killer Whales or Palm Trees and even if it is just for a short while they play just like they were children again.Snake 2

In essence, if the adults leave a Stay n Play session or a party at Bounceagogo having played just like there children then we know everyone will leave happy and we have done our job. Go on, play like your Kids…….


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