CultureThere are a couple of blogs that I follow that are all about business, marketing and start-ups companies. In the last month or so I have read about 4 or 5 posts that have discussed ‘Company Culture’. The general thread has been that the culture of a company can make or break it and that some of the most innovative companies go as far as to document their company culture and use it as a sort constitution; a document detailing their attitude and approach to the work that they do.

A great example of such a post is by the CEO of a digital marketing company called Hubspot (Click here to read post). In both this post (and others) they have detailed their company culture. What has interested me about the post is that as a company Hubspot really do attract the brightest and the best to work for them and in 7 short years has gone from a start-up business to going public. On top of this (for what its worth) I have really come to admire them as a company. So, what can Bounce a Go Go learn from this? What is our company culture? Should we write it down? Will it benefit us to do so?

As a small business in its early days we can only look to ourselves, me (Dan) and Charlotte (business partner & most importantly) my wife. As owners of Bounce a Go Go what we do know is that the customer experience is the center of what we do. This for us is a reflection of who we are, not like a set of terms and conditions that we are forced to abide by.Therefore it is a ‘No Brainer’ that it would be at the centre of a formal document describing our company culture. As Bounce a Go Go grows and new staff come to work for us the customer experience will be the central tennent, the non-negotiable expectation of employment within Bounce a Go Go.

But do myself and Charlotte believe that starting to develop a formal understanding/document of our company culture will help us grow. The answer to that question is yes. What has become clear to us though is that we are still so young as a company and as the company grows in terms of age and size and number of employees so will our understanding of our company culture. But even without age and experience on our side whilst writing this post one thing that we have come to the conclusion of is that fun must be at the centre of what we do both now and always. We got involved in the play industry as almost by definition ‘play is fun’ and we love to have fun. We have made Bounce a Go Go as fun as we could have possibly made it. Anyone who comes to work for Bounce a Go Go must share in that sense of fun and I believe this will also help us attract and retain great people which we already have.

Therefore, what we can conclude is that defining our company culture is ‘Work in progress’, but that a real sense of fun and a strong customer focus are our foundation stone of both our developing culture and business. I hope you agree but that sounds good to me!

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