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Castle Hill, Chessington

Chessington venue is based at Castle Hill Primary School, Buckland Road, KT9. The building is an incredible design and is EXCLUSIVELY yours for your party. Please note this footage is of a venue set up for under 6s , for over 6s ( and nerfagogo) the venue will be more age appropropriate.

The Wow Factor

Our Chessington venue is our largest venue also the home of our infamous bespoke made Pirate Ship. This inflatable is absolutely enormous and fun the kids of all ages (even mum and dad can have a go!). Join in the fun of the party, have a bounce or a dance, enjoy the cool music, play nerf or kick back and enjoy a coffee whilst the kids have all the space to run free and enjoy our equipment such as giant balls, space hoppers, diddicars ( soft play and roller coasters – age apropriate) and lots more……

Plenty of Parking

The added bonus of this venue is that there is a car park and lots of free street parking. Therefore, if you have lots of guests who are going to drive to the venue then parking is not an issue.

We promise that if you choose to have your party at our chessington site then this venue will not disappoint and you and your guests will have a fantastic Bounceagogo party.

Castle Hill Primary School, Chessington, KT9 1JE

West Wimbledon, Raynes Park

 West Wimbledon Primary School is our the ultimate party venue and our first venue outside of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, just over the boarder in the London Borough of Merton. Situated between New Malden and Raynes Park it is easily accessed. It has also proven to be amazing venue for all our Discoagogo, Nerfagogo and Club Classic party packages. Please note ths footage is of a venue set up for under 6s, for over 6s ( and nerfagogo) the venue will be adjusted to be age appropriate. 


The Wow Factor

What has been maintained at West Wimbledon as with our other venues is the WOW factor. The combination of the 40ft obstacle course slide, (soft play – age appropriate), didicars, giant balls, space hoppers and lots more,  audio/sound system and lighting makes this venue visually impactful when you first see it. With built in disco lighting, and a big screen this combined with professional delivery of any of our 3 different parties makes these venue absolute cracker.

Great Parking

Also great about this venue is the size of the car park. It doesn’t matter how many cars arrive on the day of your party, parking will never be an issue.

West Wimbledon Primary School, Bodnant Garden’s, London, SW20 OBZ (add street name & post code to sat nav)

St Joseph’s,


Our brand new venue, St Josephs Primary School is our first venue in the London Borough of Wandsworth. Just like our other venues, it is EXCLUSIVELY for you, your family and all your guests. This venue launches on the 26th of February and we cannot wait for you to see it. Please note, that we do not have any footage of it yet as we still haven’t launched there. However, we can guarantee it’s just as fabulous as the other two!

The Wow Factor

Just like our first two venues our new Wandsworth venue has the same WOW factor! The lighting and the music sounds like your walking into a club but unlike our other venues the inflatable at our Wandsworth venue lights up adding to the clubbing, disco theme that Bounceagogo is known for. But just like our other venues, it has the same roller coasters, cool ride on’s giant beach balls, soft play. In fact, there is just so much to do!


Plenty of Parking

At St Joseph’s there is free car parking on-site for up to 13 cars. Luckily, this is the average number of cars that we have at our parties. There is extra pay and display parking literally just around the corner from the school on Santos Road. Parking is not a problem at our Wandsworth venue.

St Joseph’s Primary School, Oakhill Road, London, SW15 2QD

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