Section 1 – booking and payment rules

Section 2 – Food and other services

Section 3- Guidelines for the day

Section 4 – Party rules ( all parties except nerfagogo)

Section 5 – Party rules ( nerfagogo)

Important Note regarding Covid 19– we have certain restrictions in place when appropriate to be able to provide a brilliant party for you and also keep everyone as safe as is humanly possible. Please stick to our guidelines regarding numbers, cleanliness and what you can and can’t bring at present. It’s for everyone’s safety involved, thankyou .

We have all covid 19 measures in place in accordance with government guidance for hospitality and our venues ( schools) . A full risk assessment is in place for covid 19 and all staff have received covid 19 training.

At the moment all the children must come from the same social or school bubble . adults are welcome with social distancing measures , distanced seating and face coverings if appropriate. Please do not invite your own outside entertainers or facepainters at the moment thankyou . It is at all times the responsibility of adults attending to adhere to the guidelines and to make sure their children adhere to guidelines. These rules can change at any time and would need to be adhered to .

It is really important that we know who is coming to your party. how many children so we can evenly space seating areas and their parents leave contact details with us. We are legally obliged to keep this on record via track and trace (we will not share these details with anyone else).

Section 1

Booking and Payment Rules

  1. Payment to book a party is in 2 payments of equal amount. The first payment is due within 48 hours of booking the date. Your first is a non refundable fee ( under any circumstance please see further below) and it consists of a collection of costs to book costs for venue hire ( non vat cost), ( this is not refundable to bounceagogo and booked in advance for you), equipment hire ( this is not refundable to bounceagogo and booked in advance for you) and administrative costs to book and secure all other elements of your party for you such as insurances, these are added together to make your first payment which are necessary elements to be able to reserve your event.  By paying the first payment you have agreed to all the costs associated with your event and its quoted price.
  2. By paying your first payment you have agreed to all terms and conditions.
  3. Your second payment (plus any additional items) is due 1 week before your event and pays for the event day itself such as foods, sundries and staffing etc. This payment must be paid 1 week prior to the event for it to take place. If payment is not made on time you will forfeit your first payment and your event will not go ahead. Please make contact with us if there are any payment issues so as we can look at the best way to assist you.
  4. Should there be any unforeseen reason that a party date needs to be changed by you we will try and accommodate you if we have availability (and you have given one months notice), if you cancel entirely you will not be refunded your first payment under any circumstance. If you cancel with less than 7 days to go without contacting us you will forfeit your full payment which will need to be paid in full.
  5.  If you rearrange within 21 days of the party you will incur the rental costs of the venue to rebook which varies from venues to venue.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel your party should there be a breach of booking rules, you will not be entitled to a refund.
  7. At no time are bounceagogo liable for costs incurred by you for any other venue or other party costs. Should bounceagogo need to offer an alternative date to you due to extreme circumstance we will do so as soon as is possible. We do not pay for any additional costs such as cakes, party bags etc.
  8. Extraordinary circumstances – postponement due to any extraordinary circumstance (circumstances outside of bounceagogo’s control that normal prudence and experience cannot forsee, anticipate or control) is looked at on a case by case basis depending upon factors involved. This includes recommendation by official bodies such as government policy should safety be of concern or changes made by government guidelines. This may include fire, flood, any safety concern and infectious disease for example. Under these circumstances a credit note may be issued ( depending upon discretion by bounceagogo) the credit note has no monetary value and the additional costs to you for bounceagogo to rebook your party will be given to you before you decide further. Should you choose to not want a credit note or to not go ahead at a later date your first payment ( initial reservation fees) is not refundable under any circumstance(Please see below). If your time lapses on your credit note and you haven’t rebooked it becomes invalid and your booking is cancelled with no refund if you have not contacted us previously. Once received a credit note is not transferable to a cash sum under any circumstance. 
  9. Should a venue be unsafe to use due to any extraordinary circumstance we will offer one of our alternatives. We will not refund under any circumstance if a location has to be changed because safety is of concern.
  10. Should ANY equipment need to be changed where safety or functionality is of concern we will do our best to provide an alternative. These alternatives may not be exactly the same. Should equipment become faulty during your party we will need to assess with safety in mind first and foremost and this does not warrant a refund.
  11. Should catering need to be cancelled due to extraordinary circumstance at late notice by us but your party is going ahead as planned and final payment has been made we will provide a maximum of £30.00 refund for you to provide your own food for the children from your final payment.
  12. We reserve the right to make no refunds if the number of children at your party has changed (we do ask you for all this information prior to your party so as we can supply the correct amount of items based on your figures) . This includes changes to birthday children numbers at joint parties) under any circumstance. Should joint party members change their minds about having a party please talk to us as we do allow other children to join the party instead or for you to change to a solo party or change the type of party for example. 
  13. We reserve the right to make no refunds if you no longer want a party due to illness, another engagement, the weather, temperature outside or inside, number of children, location, food or any equipment changes.
  14. Please read your booking email and check the date time and venue is correct at the time of booking. We cannot change this at a later date (and cannot offer a refund if it hasn’t been checked by you and confirmed correct) so please check this it is IMPORTANT because paying your deposit means you have agreed to this date, time and venue.
  15. At time of initial booking we will need from you the following information.
  • Name of the birthday child and age
  • Name of lead parent on the day
  • Home address
  • Contact telephone number
  • age range of children attending
  • I have read and understood the party rules
  • I understand my first payment is a non refundable fee under any circumstance

Without your full booking information your party booking cannot go ahead, your personal details are not shared with any other entity, if you want to opt out of our mailing lists for future events please do so when you send you details ‘I would like to opt out of your mailing list’.

Section 2, Food, numbers, Sundries, add ons and viewings

  1. Food is ordered at time of booking so please order correctly and for the correct number of anticipated guests. We do not have extra food on the day so please be mindful of this.
  2. If a child has an allergy that is life threatening then please advise their parent to bring their own food with them as we cannot guarantee cross contamination. We also must stipulate that parents of children with severe allergies must remain onsite with any medication needed. We are NOT responsible for children eating the wrong foods.
  3. We do not keep food packaging onsite
  4. We do not knowingly serve nuts and we use dairy free spread in all our sandwiches
  5. Please DO NOT bring additional foods or drinks for the children unless an allergy is involved.
  6. Please be clear of your numbers as we cannot change these at short notice. Please do not go over the package limit as this can make the party equipment unsafe to use and invalidate any insurance for your event. These numbers MUST include all children over the age of 1 who are participating so be mindful of inviting siblings and counting them.
  7. If you would like to arrange a viewing please pre-arrange at a suitable time with us. If you don’t come to the appointment we can’t hold onto the booking for you. Its easier to view online at Or look at or facebook and Instagram pages. Please do not come to any of our venues unannounced as we only have exclusive events and it will disturb that childs party.
  8. We do take promotional footage from time to time (this is not footage of individual children).
  1. If you have booked our facepainter she may ask you if she can take promotional shots of her work ( not for any other reason than to promote her work and will be taken with the agreement of the sitter. If you do not wish her to do this please discuss with her at the beginning of the party and she will happily oblige).
  2. Facepainters are paid for in advance and are non refundable. If for any reason the facepainter of your choice is unavailable we will provide an alternative. If this is not possible on the day for us to provide you with a facepainter due to unforeseen circumstances please send an email to
  3. We do not issue any refunds over the telephone and you must complete your complaint to us in writing to which we will respond accordingly to all guidelines.

3. Guidance for the day

1. Please arrive and leave on time for your allocated time. We recommend you do not arrive more than 15 mins prior to your party time as we will not be able to allow you to enter until 15 mins prior. If you or your guests are late we cannot over run to accommodate this . we will finish your party with at least 15-20 mins for shoes and socks and collection of party bags.

2. Please bring your cake and party bags in with you and give them to the team. If you want your cake cut a certain way please do tell the team beforehand. We cannot claim any responsibility for your cake whilst it is in the venue.

3. We provide all reusable tableware. If you are bringing themed tableware yourself have this ready and the team will help lay the table upon your arrival. We do not provide themed napkins for your party bags so again if this is what you would prefer please bring those with you and give them to the team.

4. We provide all cups, plates, tea cups, coffee cups etc. we have knives to cut cakes ( so don’t bring any with you ) and lighters to light candles. We also provide napkins to wrap your cake,

We don’t provide serving bowls for any adult food you may bring. We do not provide cutlery for the children, we are a finger food venue only.

5. Please only bring with your normal birthday cake candles ( no sparklers, roman candles, mini fireworks etc. )

6. If you are bringing adult food with you please bring only simple finger foods thankyou. We ask you don’t bring food that needs heating, takeaway foods or pizza, food that needs cutlery, NO ALCOHOL or any soft drinks/water/juices and food containing nuts thankyou ?

7. Our team will run the party to our schedule, this cannot be changed but also it allows you to relax and enjoy the party. The party schedule is created so as the party runs smoothly for you and your guests.

8. The team will run a safety briefing for your party. Please help to make sure your guests pay attention as their children are their responsibility at all times during the party. Please be aware that if you notice children are playing irresponsibly the adults at the party are also responsible to make sure the kids play safely. If parents leave their children in your care they become the lead adult or guardians responsibility.

9.Your party schedule is usually like this for bounceagogo free play, food, free play , cake, free play, party bags and home time. Discoagogo free play, food , birthday cake and song, treasure hunt, dancing siren and glo stick prizes, free play, party bags and home time. Nerfagogo safety briefing, nerf play, food, cake, free play hometime. Discoagogo club classic free play, games, juice bar, food, cake, games, free play, party bags and home time. Discoagogo karaoke free play, games, food, cake, karaoke, free play, home time.

10.No party poppers, cannons or pinata. We advise because of health and safety we don’t allow roman candles, sparklers or indoor fireworks for your cake. We also cannot have balloons at castle hill chessington as they set off the fire alarm. We cannot be responsible for balloons that are let go of so please attach any to weights and be mindful they are safe throughout the party if your child wants to take them home. If you are bringing balloons please only bring a couple or so, thankyou ?

8. We can take a request for a specific song (pop song ) if we can play it due to licencing laws. We cannot play Disney movie songs or songs from kids TV. The rest of our soundtracks are automated and cannot be amended but provide an all round brilliant party atmosphere !  

9. Please bring hand sanitisers or wipes with you if you wish. We have cleansers onsite but if you prefer your own please bring these with you.

10.We operate a zero tolerance policy towards rudeness, aggression, verbal or physical abuse, racism or other prejudice towards any member of the Bounceagogo team for ANY reason. Should any of this be directed at a team member your party will be halted and you may be asked to leave or your offending guest may be asked to leave. We do not tolerate threats of violence under any circumstance.

11.The venues we are located in cannot be altered or changed in any way. this includes permanent or temporary fixtures and fittings, wall hangings, pictures or furniture, tables or chairs. We cannot attach anything to walls

12. We don’t allow outside entertainers such as entertainers, mascots, magicians or singing princesses. If you want to dress up you can of course !

13.Children playing outside at any of our venues do so at their own risk and use any play ground equipment or sports equipment at their own risk and should be supervised by an adult. Your car and your belongings are your own responsibility at all times.

14.We cannot deliver items to you after the party if you’ve left them behind, Please remember everything you came with as our venues are schools and it may be easily lost ? if you leave your cake behind it will be disposed of at the end of the weekend unless you contact us to collect.

Safety rules bounceagogo discoagogo

1.During food time the inflatable goes off.

2.Party food MUST be eaten at the tables or chair areas. Please do not eat or drink whilst on the Mats or inflatables. ** There is a minimum £250 cleaning/repair fee should any equipment be ruined by food, drink or foul play. We encourage you to not hand food such as cake around the room to children playing.  Absolutely no running around with cake pops or lollipops.

  1. Please report any spillages to us as soon as possible as we can easily clear them up so there are no accidents.  Please bring your dirty cups etc back to us, we will clear away the party table for you when food time is over
  2. No electrical appliances bought in so no bubble machines, TVs, monitors etc
  3. Parents are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for their children at all times whilst in/playing at a Bounceagogo Party at any of our venues. This includes the child’s conduct/play on the Bounceagogo inflatables. If parents drop off their children they are the responsibility of the lead adult so please bare this in mind if parents do not wish to stay and encourage them to stay. At all our parties we recommend parents stay and join in with the party particularly if they are concerned their children cannot follow rules.
  4. NO SHOES on please in the play area (adults and children) unless there is a special need. Nothing with a pointy end so no swords, hooks any other fancy dress item that could cause harm. Even if its made of foam!
  5. If children play aggressively or could cause harm to others repeatedly we have the right to ask them to stop directly, ask their parents to tell them to stop or ask them and their parents to leave if they do not stop. You will not be entitled to a refund.
  6. Smoking is outside only in the designated areas (off site) this includes vaping. No drinking or recreational drugs in the carparks thankyou

Play inflatable Safety Rules

  • Parents are responsible for their own children and to help supervise where necessary.
  • No climbing back up the slide once you have been down or pulling other children down. No hanging over the sides
  • No hanging off or standing on the cover or mast at the top of the pirate ship.
  • No nose diving
  • If children misbehave they may be asked to come off the inflatable. If there are many children misbehaving we reserve the right to turn the inflatable off for safety reasons. If there are too many children at the party ( above the package limit) we may have to switch off the inflatable for safety.
  • No food or drink or other equipment on the inflatable
  • Please ask a member of staff if you feel the children are not playing safely or you need help to intervene such as climbing the inflatable or going behind it. Please follow the safety labels on each inflatable.

Nerfagogo Safety Rules of Play

1. NO SHOES on in the arena. No running outside of the arena (walk only).

2. You are responsible for your own child/children, please stay with them or leave them in the care of a known to you responsible adult who will supervise their play and take responsibility for them. Children 5 and under must be supervised at all times.

3. At ALL times the Nerfagogo staff are in charge of the party. Please make sure your child adheres to the safety rules by listening to the team. We are not responsible for children not following the safety guidelines.

Please help your child if they are unsure of how to use the nerf guns, or ask a team member for help.

4. We reserve the rights to ask you to leave if your children are misbehaving and or causing harm to other children purposefully. You will NOT be entitled to a refund. Your party may be halted if there is persistent bad behaviour.

5. You must wear safety glasses in the arena. No shooting in the face or at close range (shoot from at least 2 metres away). Do not shoot to purposefully cause harm !!!  This is a family event and parents are required to intervene when children are not following safety rules.

6. Absolutely no throwing or kicking of any of the equipment, barriers, hideouts or using any equipment to hit each other. The barriers are to hide behind not throw around.

7. We reserve the right at any time to change safety rules depending upon the age of children playing and for safety reasons.

8. Your child may bring their own nerf gun at their own risk ( no automatic guns please).