Nerfagogo (6+)

Price: £329 for upto 20 children

Our Nerfagogo party is likely to be the best party your children will have until there first year at University. Nerfagogo is a crazy combination Nerf games, music, massive inflatables and great food. The whole event is managed by the Bounceagogo team from the moment your arrive to when its time to go. This is definitly not the party where you take yourself seriously. Book youreslf a Nerfagogo party and we gaurantee that you and your kids kids will have an absolutely brilliant time


At Bounceagogo “A great party, is a safe party!” As such we have a full safety briefing at the begining of each of our Nerfagogo Parties plus a safety film that plays on the Big Screen throughout. Safety goggles (provided by Bounceagogo) are compulsary and the team are on hand to make sure they are worn at all times as well as the safety guidlines are adhered to and the rules are followed throughout

Note: As a condition of booking a Nerfagogo party with Bounceagogo we ask that at least 2 adults stay and play in order to takle the role of team leaders on the respective teams.

Party Food

Included in the cost of the Nerfagogo is our fantastic party food. Always great at a party we offer finger foods the kids love, plus fruit platters, crudites mini sausages, sausage rolls , cheese rolls, chicken bites, party nibbles, crisps and popcorn, party biscuits.  Visually it looks (& tastes) amazing and because it looks so good you can guarantee that the kids will eat it!

For an additional £10.00  per platter you can add sandwich platters if you prefer for the childrens buffet.

Coffee’s and teas

One of the nice touches to a Nerfagogo party is both our catering and the free inclusive coffee that we have. Your guests can help themselves throughout the party!

Add some soft drinks , adult food such as sandwiches, savoury platters, breakfast platters, cupcakes , we will have it all ready for you when you arrive for your party !

We take all the pressure for you

From the moment you pick up the phone or fill out our Contact Us form, to the moment you leave at the end of your party we aim to make your Nerfagogo Experience as stress free as we can possibly can. It is often under estimated how much work goes into the delivery of a successful children’s party. Our job is to facilitate a great party environment for you and your guests to kick back for a couple of hours and have some fun  (and we are really good at it). All we ask is that you bring a cake, guests and come and have a great time!

If you would would like any further information about agogNerfagogo or any other of our parties packages or events then please get in touch via our Contact Us form or call on 07841 748359.

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