Nerfagogo (7 +)

Footage Credited to Ben Reynolds, Film maker, Dad and Awesome Nerfagogo Participant!

Nerfagogo is the fantastic fusion of Bounceagogo and a Foam dart gun Party.

This party is definately for kids who like fun! ( Not war!).  Its aimed at children ( and their mums and dads) that are 7 yrs plus. Whether you are 7 or 70 you will be massively impressed with all of the venue, guns included and an inflatable use in game play, lots of fun play equipment such as space hoppers and giant beach balls and soundtrack that mixes up the play that makes up a Nerfagogo party (FYI your never too old to be impressed by this). We encourage adults to stay and play this enhances your child’s experience its a family party!

Party Package

The Nerfagogo Party Package is an all in package NO HIDDEN COSTS £299 based on 20 children (2 x payments of £149.50) . INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE VENUE HIRE, an inflatable used during game play, all nerf guns, bullets and safety equipment, an epic soundtrack with lighting, ALL the kids food and drinks, ALL tableware, ALL adult beverages free to help yourself, and a fully managed event so you can enjoy yourself too! Theres no clearing up for you to do either!

( extra kids are £10 each up to 30 kids)

What makes nerfagogo different ?

Its an inclusive package rated 5* on facebook. There no hidden costs!! its a family fun party where we encourage adults to play too, infact the party is so much more fun if you play !!! It isn’t all about combat, there’s no army references in sight, infact its an arena that resembles a disco more….. We play nerf games such as last man standing but we also play silly fun games that the kids walk away from having had fun……no winners no losers ( well the birthday child will always win but that’s between us 😉 We involve other equipment to add to the fun such as space hoppers, and its all managed on a live PA system by a bounceagogo team member so we too are involved in the games as much as you and the kids are!! at the end of the party the kids can have a free play on the inflatable , you can join in yourself and have a bounce !

read our reviews and see how much fun our parties are.

Safety – each child is provided with eye goggles and a safety briefing takes place at the beginning of your party. There are also safety rules for the inflatable to adhere to during play. Please note parents and guardians are responsible for their own children and that the children play by the rules of the games and inflatable. 

Stress Free

From the moment you arrive at the venue to when you leave we manage the process for you. From games, food, music and the overall party schedule, we do it for you. We want you as parents to spend us much time as humanly possible with your children and guests, have lots of fun and enjoy your Nerfagogo experience.

Party Format

The party duration is 2 hrs and is broken into periods of Nerf games, amazing party food and your birthday child’s special moment , the birthday cake. As with all of our parties the whole event is managed for you by our events team. The whole event is set to an amazing sound track. If you’ve been to a Bounceagogo party you will know what we mean by amazing sound track!

At the end of the party theres a period of free play on the inflatable, or you and your kids can enjoy the disco tunes!

Please note : the party does finish with around 15 minutes spare for party bags, shoes and socks and goodbyes.

Party Food

One of the nice touches to any Nerfagogo party is our catering by little SAFFA kitchen

Soft Rolls ( Ham, cheese, tuna, cream cheese and cucumber), mini sausages and crudites, a fruit platter, popcorn and nibbles and party biscuits.

The buffets can be vegetarian or chicken based on request at booking ( may incur a fee).

You can add sandwich platters if you prefer for the kids at an extra £20.00

Parents Play for FREE ( say No to drop and go)

What helps make the event even more memorable is that we encourage parents to join in ( for parties that are for 7-8 year olds we ask there be are at least 4 adults willing to join in). Children seeing all the parents being silly, shooting Nerf Darts at each other, having as much fun as the kids really does make for a  memorable event.

If you need a breather at any point from Nerf or massive Inflatable then have a chat and catch up with the other adult guests and enjoy one of our lovely coffee’s or tea.

Teas and Coffees 

As with all of our parties quality tea and coffee is included in the price of the party. However, for an additional price you can order from little SAFFA kitchen through us adult sandwiches, savoury platters, whole cakes etc.

If you have any further questions about a Nerfagogo or any of you events and parties please write to us via our Contacts Us page.

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