Too Much Food: If was could take the moral high ground on this particular issue then I would be able to speak with a degree of  authority but unfortunately I can’t as like all of our guests who have self catered parties with us at Bounceagogo we have brought along way to much food to our own Son’s parties. Much too much food that not only can the Children not finish all the food, neither can the adults.

We always advise that you don’t actually need to spend that much on the food for a kids party, especially as the kids will not actually eat that much. But just like our guest we have failed to take our own advice and in the past just brought along way to much food. Personally, I don’t really know a way around this issue. We all just want to have a great party and the food is a really big part of that. We are therefore pretty much predisposed too much food for a children’s party.

Now, I have put this piece of footage out before (See below) on Facebook but it actually gives a very clear idea of what kids actually eat at a party. I don’t think in anyway this post is going really change the food buying habits of our Self Catered party guests and nor would I want it to. Lots of food at a party is just brilliant. But if stops any of you buying that extra packet of Cocktail Sausages or Mini Trifles and you save a few quid then my then my job is done. In the first instance though I should take my own advice. Though’s who ‘Live in Glass Houses’ eh…..

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