We don’t wear a uniform. Our team sometimes takes their shoes off when working, having been on their feet all day. Although chaotic, our parties also have a very laid back and hopefully cool feel. There is no division between where the children play and where the parents hang out. The idea is that everyone has fun. As far as the fun is concerned, we are all in it together; kids, parents and the team. Fun times!

Although Bounceagogo doesn’t have corporate feel, the trick to it is that it is very well organised. That’s the trick to the ‘Just Not Corporate’ feel. Prep EVERYTHING, have a backup for EVERYTHING and expect that ANYTHING can (and at some point probably will) happen. 

So, in summary. Bounceagogo is ‘just not corporate’ in feel but it is very well organised. The type of organistion you’d expect from a business or corporation much bigger than our! That is the key to our parties being fun and laid back.  

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