In this weeks interview we meet Dan Goaillard the founder and owner of DS Water. Dan is someone I have wanted to get on the show from the start. He is one of those rare people that has the ability to draw people towards him. Not in salesy type way but more because he is a good soul. Now, Dan is someone who I knew before he turn up on My Digital Doorstep. He is someone I used to play Rugby with but since he started up his business DS Water, a water treatment company it has been impossible to keep up with face to face because he is just so busy. DS Water has really taken off. Knowing what he has been up to has been done in the main via Facebook and Instagram updates which why default he is on show. 

We are blighted in the show by the fact that at Dan’s end, due to the pavement being dug up outside his house the internet cables to his street were cut and so through no fault of our own the show is cut short (1 hour 10 mins approx). However, after a couple of days the connection was restored and we recorded the second half of the interview. This will be released as a bonus episode in the next few days.

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