The exclusive Film screening children’s party is now here; FILMAGOGO! For just you, family, your friends and all of your children’s friends come to one of the fabulous Bounceagogo venues and and have a play, dance, have a bounce on our bespoke inflatables and join in with the games. And after some food and Birthday Cake, settle down with all your children, family and friends to your exclusive screening of the movie of your choice!

Movie Selection

We are fortunate to have access huge selection of movies, current and a large back catalogue. An example of the movies we can screen at your party are:

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi,
  • Star Wars: Solo,
  • Small Foot,
  • Ready Player One,
  • Christopher Robin,
  • Hotel Transylvanian 3,
  • Lego Batman Movie,
  • Sherlock Gnomes,
  • Peter Rabbit,
  • BFG
  • Peanuts the Movie

Remember this is just an example of the movies on offer. We have access to a huge catalogue so please ask about the movie you want to see so we can check our catalogue?  


Filmagogo parties are hosted at our Raynes Park and Chessington and guildford venues. Expect to have a wow moment when you walk through the door of the venue. As with all our parties there will be a huge inflatable in the room, loads of space hoppers, giant beach balls, very cool lighting and an even cooler sound track. And whilst your in the venue there will be a a team of party hosts to mange the smooth delivery of the party!

Movie Food

The kids will be spoiled with pizza, ice-cream, nachos, juice and pop-corn whilst they watch the movie!


The minimum duration of the party is 3 1/2 hours.

Start times

3.30pm on either Saturday or Sunday at any of the Bounceagogo party venues (we do not travel)


£459 for up to 20 children, parents are welcome to stay and watch the movie. Each child over the initial 20 is charged at £10 per head.

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