Core Values – Bounceagogo: When myself and Charlotte Bounceagogo we had a strong feeling that some kind of Soft Play business would work in New Malden. What we really weren’t sure of was ‘How’ it would work. So, in the most basic sense we just got a load of equipment, tried to use our judgement and best guesstimates and learn on the fly.

Where we find ourselves now is that we are expanding to another site, taking on new staff, looking for another new venue, we’ve been booked solid for the last 4 months and bookings are already looking strong for 2015. Basically, things have gone well. Even though only in a small way we are starting to expand it has become necessary to write and ‘Operation Manual’. As such we have started to consider what we are all about. What are we trying delivery at each Stay n Play or Party. We have therefore created and written up Our Core Value. Whether consciously or un-consciously we have tried to deliver on these values from the very day. Certainly writing them down though in a formal company document has really helped provide an even stronger focus for 2015. We can’t wait! Check out our Values below.

Our Core Values 

We strive to make coming to a Bounceagogo Stay n Play session or Party a fun, relaxed and a joyful experience for parents/carers within a clean environment filled with high quality equipment thus enhancing the complete experience of our younger guests.

This experience is further built on exceeding expectation of service associated with Soft Play venues and in many parts of the service industry. Indeed, high quality service delivered by fun and relaxed customer focused staff in play environment that exceed expectations of our guest is basis of Bounceagogo’s values.