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Bounceagogo children’s parties and events has had 3 children’s party venues in Chessington. Finding the right party venue in Chessington can be difficult, we have high standards and ticking all the boxes is important to us, we loved being based at one of those venues CCC but unfortunately they couldn’t offer us enough time at the weekends so we are based now exclusively at Castle Hill Primary School and we love it ! It enables us to have parties all weekend but also gives us a fantastic indoor party venue in Chessington and access to outdoor space to have a coffee, or play football or run around when the weather permits it ! Its also a beautiful space, clean and bright and is the right space for bounceagogo to work its magic and transform every weekend for bounceagogo, discoagogo, nerfagogo and club classic parties.

Love Castle hill

We absolutely love being part of the community in chessington at castle hill primary, and it provides a much needed additional revenue for the school which enhances the children’s school lives which makes us very proud. All of our venues now are schools for this reason we feel we can give back .

With all of this is mind and our years of experience we thought we would share some important things to look for when looking for a children’s party venue in Chessington.

Heres what to look for in a childrens party venue in Chessington

There are venues where you have to do all the hard work, these may seem reasonably priced initially but do they provide value for money in the long run? are there hidden costs ? do they provide a stress free option for you to enjoy the party? its YOUR childs birthday party and you should be able to enjoy it with them. At bounceagogo we provide everything ( including adult food, your party bags and cake if you use our supplier) so you don’t need to worry about anything at all. You don’t even need to worry about tableware, napkins or decorations! If you are planning on hiring just a hall and doing it all yourself definately check that the hall provides you with what you need and that you aren’t missing any hidden costs you hadn’t thought of.


is REALLY important. Party companies like bounceagogo are insured. Venues hiring space may not have the level of insurance. You may need your own add on insurance, check this at time of booking. Obviously wherever you have your party your child is your responsibility and that they play safely. At bounceagogo we have a safety briefing, safety rules and we only allow the right capacity for our equipment and spaces. Safety is important to us. By being based in schools we also have a robust understanding of safeguarding.

Outside space

is amazing at a party when the weather permits but it does add another dynamic to your party that can cause stress running around after the kids if the outside isn’t well maintained or looked after.

All outside spaces should be well maintained and not be difficult in location for you or your guests to worry about the children. All play equipment outside should be insured.

FYI – Inflatables or canopies etc. are not safe outside if they aren’t anchored properly to the floor by professionals

Is the venue staffed properly ?

Trained party staff are an asset to have at your party. Trained party staff know about safety, food standards and more importantly how to make sure you have a great time! this is sooo important that everyone has a great time and the parents of the birthday child can spend their time playing, dancing and chatting rather than stressing.

Is the venue and its equipment safe ?

Is the venue and its equipment safe? There are standards to adhere to with venues and play equipment, particularly inflatables. Is there enough room to get on and off the inflatable for instance ? As far as soft play is concerned soft play by a reputable manufacturer is highly recommended. Never use soft play areas that haven’t been manufactured by experts, its dangerous and not insurable. Also always make sure the venue has a capacity that is reasonable for its size, and that the inflatable being used has a capacity for your party numbers. At bounceagogo all our inflatables are bespoke, manufactured just for us by experts who know what we use them for ( with adult bed strength) so everyone can have a go, but also our soft play too is branded and some of the best pieces on the market. Having trained staff onsite can be a godsend if an inflatable was to have a fault or a piece of equipment breaks ( it does happen occasionally! ) so its so important to have staff who know what they are doing.

Is the venue all in one open space?

if its not and the venue doesn’t provide trained staff for you you will be spending your whole time worrying about the safety of the kids ( and other peoples) ! This doesn’t make a stress free or fun party., particularly if you can’t leave the kitchen because you are making the food and teas and coffees yourself. At bounceagogo we do all the hard bits for you in the kitchen !! Including the washing up !

little but important extras

at bounceagogo we pride ourselves on knowing that the little things matter. We always provide all the tableware. we provide your teas and coffees included in the price so mums and dads have a great time too ! Party food is included , we play great music for you ( our playlists are an awesome mix!) , we provide all the lighting so as your child and their friends have the most sensory experience a party can offer !!


its so important to have a big enough free car park for all your guests!!

having a party schedule

takes the stress away so you can relax and enjoy the party. Having trained staff does help to make things go smoothly, stress free and on time so you don’t worry about fitting it all in !

we never ask you to clear up afterwards

 we always do this for you . You don’t need to bring bin bags ! (Trade secret – sssh ) Venues that ask you to clear up afterwards, bear in mind they are not cleaning the venue themselves , YOU ARE! and also relying upon the people before you to have left it clean which doesn’t always happen !!!!


We wish you the happiest of birthday parties where ever you choose to have your child’s party ! The above list is not exhaustive but does give you an idea of some things to look for in a children’s party venue in chessington. If you would like to book an exclusive children’s party with bounceagogo at Castle Hill please take a look at our website .

We also have a childrens party venue in Guildford and West Wimbledon

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