Charlotte & James

Apart from the obvious benefit of work .i.e. being paid, what we aim to achieve for the young people that work for us at Bounceagogo is that they gain not just work experience but management experience. Looking back at when I graduated, not only did I not have a clue what to do with myself regarding work but the only work experience was just the standard Saturday Job (Working in Topman) that a lot of other young graduates had. Nothing to make me stand out from the crowd.

For the two young people who have come to work at Bounceagogo at the weekends, Charlotte and James our hope for them and indeed every young person who comes to work for us is that they gain some real world management experience. Both Charlotte and James are currently A-Level students at local colleges and within the next 18 months they will be off to University pursuing their degree course. But by the time they graduate they will be able to write on their CV’s about many the skills they have had to develop in order to deliver a Bounceagogo party and work as part of the Bounceagogo team. With all that goes into putting on party at Bounceagogo the skills that these young people have developed such as event/people management, event delivery, diplomacy and excellent people skills are something that they can carry with them for the rest of their working lives. But importantly, they will have something to put on their CV’s that will help them stand out (Genuine Management Experience). It is our aim for all the young people that work for us that they get this experience so that when they leave us to go off to University or to pursue their chosen career the real time management experience will give them that edge to get a great first job!

By the way Charlotte and James have done brilliantly. We get so much praise for them both! So much so that it has meant in part that we have now been able to expand as a company. Fabulous! With this approach we believe we get great staff and they get the chance to get their young careers off to a great start. I guess you get out what you put in…..


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