Bounceagogo in Mitcham

A panoramic view of Boxgrove Primary School Hall
Boxgrove Primary School Hall

On the 13th July (2019) we here at Bounceagogo are opening our first Children’s Party venue in Guildford. Specifically, we are opening at the Boxgrove Primary School.

Why Guildford

We launched Bounceagogo back in April 2014 in a Badminton centre in New Malden called the Graham Spicer Institute, where we live. As Bounceagogo grew we opened venues in Raynes Park and Chessington. What both of these venues have in terms of location is they are both really close to the A3. Travelling time between the two is about 12 minutes. When I timed it recently, it is about 18 minutes between our Chessington venue and Boxgrove in Guildford. This has meant that it is an easy an travelling time between all three venues.

Below is footage of our West Wimbledon Venue in Raynes Park giving you an idea of what is coming to Guildford

Because of the A3 link between both Guildford and Chessington we had been looking at Guildford as a location that we could expand to for some time. The catalyst for the move to Guildford came from a Facebook message from one of our first ever customers, the Deputy Head of Boxgrove Primary School. She had been following the growth and development and said that her school had a hall that was available and would like to come and have a look. Well, of course, we said yes and we made the short trip down the A3 to Guildford.

Below is footage of our Castle Hill venue in Chessington. Guildford will also have a massive pirate ship inflatable obstacle course.

The WOW Factor

Over the past 5 years, we have now view allot of halls. Most at best are just OK. Until we found our current venues we have definitely had to learn to the bounceagogo makeover with some venues that we have been in. However, as with our existing party venues, this will not be the case with our new Guildford venue, Boxgrove Primary School. WOW was the first thing out our mouths when we saw it. It really is a beautiful hall. Light, high ceiling, clean, great loo’s and kitchen and great AV system.

Can’t wait for You to See it

As I’m sure you have seen from the footage above you will now have a strong idea of what we do with a hall to make it a great party venue. We cannot wait for you to see what Boxgrove will look like. With everything that is going into Boxgrove our new Guildford venue, it is will be our flagship party location. We cannot wait!