The Gift

Compared to our local competitors a Bounceagogo Party is certainly not the most expensive, however, it’s also not the cheapest (For what you get, however, it is incredible value). But whether you buy a package from us, do it all yourself, goto a play centre, hire an entertainer or, spend a fortune and throw a […]

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Just Not Corporate

We don’t wear a uniform. Our team sometimes takes their shoes off when working, having been on their feet all day. Although chaotic, our parties also have a very laid back and hopefully cool feel. There is no division between where the children play and where the parents hang out. The idea is that everyone […]

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Dancing with your kids

By Charlotte BH Taking time to celebrate We seem to be living in an age where often we are very busy. Work or caring for children ( or both for most mums and dads) means we have very little spare time to enjoy ourselves as a family all together. Having a childrens party at bounceagogo […]

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Party food at bounceagogo parties – Little SAFFA Kitchen

By Charlotte BH Working with Little SAFFA kitchen From the first time Dan met Kerry ( aka little SAFFA kitchen) he said there was something special about her. At this point I had only ever spoken to her on email as I do all our bookings and she had booked a party with us. At […]

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Children’s Party venues Chessington

Children’s Party Venues Chessington Bounceagogo children’s parties and events has had 3 children’s party venues in Chessington. Finding the right party venue in Chessington can be difficult, we have high standards and ticking all the boxes is important to us, we loved being based at one of those venues CCC but unfortunately they couldn’t offer […]

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Bounceagogo in Guildford

Bounceagogo in Guildford On the 13th July (2019) we here at Bounceagogo are opening our first Children’s Party venue in Guildford. Specifically, we are opening at the Boxgrove Primary School. Why Guildford We launched Bounceagogo back in April 2014 in a Badminton centre in New Malden called the Graham Spicer Institute, where we live. As […]

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A Successful Joint Party

There are a number of really good reasons why you would choose to have a joint party, not just with Bounceagogo, but at home, in a church hall or with any other party provider/venue. These reasons could be there are two or a group of children who are friends from school, club or NCT group […]

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Young People

Young People The content of this post was originally the the content of a Bounceagogo Facebook post published on October 10th, 2018.  Meet Georgia. She is the daughter of one of our face-painters, Natasha. We think Natasha is great and one of the things we love about her is her work ethic (and of course her […]

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Disco Jewellery

Disco Jewellery At our Discoagogo parties all the kids are given what we call ‘Disco Jewellery’. We start giving this out about 40 to 45 minutes into the party and we start with the birthday girl or boy.  They normally go straight to mum and Dad and show them there florescent ring,  bracelets, or or […]

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The Strongarm

Our Nerf Guns

Our Nerf Guns Last week we had our first Nerf Wars Party Staff training session. What this basically meant was all the Bounceagogo staff got together and played all the different games that make up our Nerfagogo Parties using all of our brand new Nerf Guns. The idea behind this was that as a team […]

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