Yorda Playhouse

There is no more booking available for the Yorda Playhouse through bounceagogo. We are leaving the yorda playhouse on 2nd july 2018 for new venues.

If you want a bounceagogo/discoagogo/nerfagogo party please call us on 07841 748359 or fill in the contact form.

Do not call the yorda playhouse directly as they cannot book a party for you through bounceagogo. If you have been to one of our parties at the playhouse you will know you can only get the same quality directly through bounceagogo.

Our new spectacular venue Castle Hill Primary School to starts in September alongside chessington community college in the area.  If your party is booked at Yorda prior to this don’t panic we are still fulfilling all our parties here until 2nd July.

the address for guests for upcoming parties is

the yorda playhouse

devon way

KT9 2RJ.



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