Yorda Playhouse

The Yorda Playhouse is Bounceagogo’s newest Party Venue. The playhouse is made of our characteristic large inflatables and Disco room, Roller coaster, ride on’s toys and all the cool stuff associated with Bounceagogo. But it also has a parent chill area so you and your adult guests and dip in and out of the action.

Inside and Out

Not only is it our newest venue, it is also our most unique. A part of what make the Yorda Playhouse so special is that it is as great venue on the inside as it is on the outside. During the nice weather we are able to make full use of the outside sports area/court, swings, grassy area and giant trampoline. Whilst on the inside we have all of the visually impressive Bounceagogo, Discoagogo and Nerfagogo party equipment, lighting and atmophere so if the weather isn’t nice its still great indoors too!

Very Cool Extra’s

As eluded to above you and all of your guests have access to the giant trampoline, swings and multi-sport area which, if the weather is good is a real bonus. The venue also benefits from it own large 30 space (free) private car park.

Completely Exclusive

Probably the most impressive characteristic of the Playhouse is that once all of your guests are in you are completely enclosed. Of all our venues you get the biggest sense of Exclusivity than at any of our other of our venues. The fact that you and your guests can safely move around a large venue both inside and out in your own completely private party really does help to create the most magical atmosphere!

Doing Some Good

The Yorda Playhouse is not-for-profit organisation that works with and support families from all over the Royal Borough of Kingston who have children with complex needs and/or learning difficulties with a range of play services and projects. The work done at Yorda is a combination of brilliant, genuinely heart warming and really needed in the borough. However, the work carried out by Yorda doesn’t come for free and isn’t cheap. So in order to make their services free and accessible to their users they need to raise funds. Part of those funds come renting out the venue, for instance to Bounceagogo. So, if you need any extra encouragement to book your party at Yorda then know that by booking at Yorda you are helping support vital work supporting families with children with complex/severe learning needs. Go on, do some good…

If you have any questions about booking a party at Yorda or at our other venues or indeed about our party packages, please do not hesitate to get in touch be phone (07841 748359) or email (Complete the inquiry form)

Address: Yorda Play House, Devon Way, Chessington, KT9 2RJ

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