Party Packages

‘Bounceagogo is a fantastic place to hold birthday parties and my friend and I highly recommend them! They are warm welcoming people and very well organised….’ Holly Divell

The cost of our all inclusive party packages are

Bounceagogo  for 0-4 years is £289 for up to 25 children.

Discoagogo is for 4 years + £299  (additional games package for 6 years+ £30.00) for up to 25 children

Nerfagogo is £289 for 6-8 years (maximum 25 children)

Nerf Wars 8+ is £289 (maximum 25 children)

All our parties are exclusive.

We will include all our fantastic bespoke inflatables at all our bounceagogo, nerfagogo and discoagogo parties, play equipment, food for the children, squash and water, pop music played throughout and bounceagogo team members to run your party for you so as its as stress free as possible.

Please note: The maximum number of children per party is 35 (at Chessington and 30 at Surbiton) and for each child above the initial 25 will be charged at £10 per head. (The final number of children will be counted and if required charged for on the day).

All the food we offer at our all inclusive Parties is very high quality. We guarantee both the taste and quality of the food we provide at all of our parties.

‘We held the most amazing party, it went so smoothly and the kids had such an amazing time!’ Shannon Carbonnier

Party Add-ons

Party table themes  – If you would like us to theme your child’s party let us know at the time of booking and we will order the plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths etc. For us to theme a party is around £40. To order the Themed products in time for the party we will need a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

‘Thankyou so much for my daughter having the best 5th birthday party of the year!’ Gina Lillywhite  

Costa Coffee/Tea’s – The majority of our guest on the day of there child’s party run a tea and coffee tab meaning there adult guest can have the choice of Costa Coffees, Twinnings tea, Coke (diet & regular) as well as complementary Juice and water (For both children and adults). Tabs normally come in at ‘Approximately’ £30. If the tab is approaching £30 we let the party host know in order to give them the choice on whether they wish to continue with the tab. This is by far the most popular party add-on and it really help the party go with a swing. Please note, all beverages have to be purchased from Bounceagogo and not brought to the venue on the day from the outside.

Adult food – let us know what you’d like from sandwich platters , to cake platters, or crisps, dips and nibbles or biscuits and we can give you a quote (prices are on the menu page).

Party Bags – These can be supplied at £3.25 per child 9 an usbourne reading book, sweets, bubbles and a party whistle) or  per child or £2.25 per child for an age specific Usbourne Book.

Facepainter – £75 per party -larger parties may be subject to additional fee (Check out the this post about our wonderful face painter and fine artist Sharon White )

Birthday Cake – At Bounceagogo we do not make Birthday Cakes but we can recommend local Cake Maker Lola love Cakes. They offer great value, great tasting and fun birthday cakes that help make what we promise will be a great day even more special. Follow the link to go to the Lola Love Cakes website to see a selection of their cakes and how to get in touch.

PLEASE NOTE – All parties require a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit based on 25 children coming to a party. Also note that once you have paid you have agreed to all of Bounceagogo’s Party and Booking rules. Please  read Rules by following the link. The balance is then paid in full 5 days before your party. Your deposit is used to secure your booking of your party and thus is not refunded under any circumstance. By booking the party you agree to pay the balance owed in full by the Monday before your party day. You also agree to paying for any additional party costs such as additional children, party bags, theming or food or additional food ordered for you. If food has been ordered for your party you must pay for it under all circumstances. Please contact us  or call (07841 748359) with any question you have regarding catering or any other issue with your party.

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