About 5 weeks ago I wrote a blog post called Bounceagogo’s Company Culture. In this particular post I outlined that some of the most successful and innovative companies take the issue of their company culture extremely seriously. So much so that these companies go as far as define their company culture within a written document. The companies that I know to do this are ones that I actually admire and indeed would like to replicate how they operate as well as their success.

So why do I think its important to define our company culture. Apart from being just good business practice developing a clear idea of how Bounceagogo  should operate, not just in terms of operationally but also in the context of its culture I think is absolutely vital. Vital for one key reason. To attract the very best people into our business. Bounceagogo is a company that is at the very start of turning itself into a franchise. We believe that in order to attract the very best people to buy into the Bounceagogo franchise to help develop the business to its full potential we not only need an operationally robust business model capable of generating a profit for the franchisee but also a culture that people are attracted to and thrive within. The franchise and the job market for that matter is as competitive as it has always been. But one of the key developments in the nature of the competition is that now companies are now competing, more than ever for the very best talent to come and work for them. In the first instance, it will not be enough for us to sell a franchise to someone who just has the money if their ideas and values do not align with ours and vice versa.

So as stated companies that I admire and would like to replicate how they operate and their successes write down what their company culture is. Once committed to paper it will give us the opportunity in many situations to make decisions quickly. If something doesn’t fit with our culture then we won’t do it. Although this may sound a little odd it will also help us understand how we operate. Taking the time to write down and objectify our approach and understanding of our attitude to our business will therefore help and make it easier for other people, potential customers and franchisee’s to understand and find good matches in the way we work.

So what is our culture? Well, that’s a good question. Now, this at present is just an educated guess. I believe that it will change and develop certainly as new people come in to the business and certainly as we all grow and change as people within the business. What I and Charlotte know for certain and I’m sure will not change is that the customer experience is at the centre of everything that we do. Although, a few weeks on when I previously wrote about Our Company Culture I can have a better understanding of what having the customer experience at the centre of what we do is:

a) Our child guests should feel comfortable to play, explore, have genuine fun by themselves, with their parents or carer as well as have a positive and fun interactions with other child guests.

b) All our parents, carers and adult guests should all be made to feel welcome and most importantly relaxed. Relaxed enough to join in with their children’s play or just to sit back and ‘Take it Easy’.

c) Be as transparent with our customers and employees about how we work.

In order for us to be able to achieve points A, B and C there is far more refinement, understanding (and day to day work) of what our culture is and what we think it will be. Therefore, naturally as we gain understanding, the number of points will likely grow as well as our overall understanding of our culture and how it enhances the way we work. It will also form the basis of future posts……

Have a great day….


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