At Bounceagogo we are always on the look out for the great talent to work with us.

Can You…

Can you interact with Adults as well as you can with Children? Can you think on your feet? Make decisions under pressure? Do you have a sense of humour?  Are you hard working as well as fun to be around? Can you lead on party games and get parents involved also?

If Yes…

If your answer is yes to the above then please complete the form below and tell us about your self. Tell us about what you have done in the past, both work wise and in your own time. Tell us what you currently doing and what your goals and aspirations are for the future again, both professionally and in the rest of your life. You can send us a CV but to be clear we don’t hire CV’s, only people so our suggestion is that you tell us about yourself.

Tell Us About Yourself…

Once you have completed the above form we will be in touch with 48 hours. Good Luck….

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