Brilliant Nannies & Bounceagogo

At Bounceagogo we have for some time wanted to attract Ofsted Registered Childminders and Nannies into our sessions and thankfully that has now started to happen. We have wanted to do this as over the first month or so we were open we noticed that when Nannies and Childminders told other Nannies/Childminders and parents about us they […]

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kids party

Saturday Party Package

Its party time…..and only £60 Here at Bounce a Go Go we are really happy to announce the launch of our new ‘Saturday Party Package’. The Saturday Party Package admits up to 15 children for a 2 hour party at Bounce a Go Go. A large table, chairs and balloons will be provided plus all the Bounce […]

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Sterilising Fluid

Ball Pool Cleaning

Got some sterilizing fluid.             Got a couple of washing baskets.           Filled them with Ball Pool Balls           Dumped them in the bath. Covered them with Dr Johnson and filled the bath with warm water.           Made […]

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A Sense of Purpose

A Sense of Purpose: The Saturday Bounce this week was a great one! From the moment we opened the doors people started coming in, just too exciting….. This carried on up until 2pm when we officially closed as we were starting to get ready for a party that was booked at 3pm. But between 2 and 3pm a […]

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Social Icons

Look Up

So, there I was sitting in bed this morning looking through my Facebook news feed on my phone when I notice that my wife had posted a link to a short film called look up. I’d seen on my news feed a few days before that an old buddy of mine had posted up the film and that […]

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Cheerleaders Fighting Back

So there I was this morning flicking through my Tumblr account checking out all the latest posts many of which are by the show biz commentator Perez Hilton (PZ). First off I cannot believe how much stuff this guy posts up on all platforms of social media. Incredible. This other issue is the disclosure of […]

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Party Cartoon

Oh, You Do Parties?

Lucky for us, since Bounce a Go Go has been open on Saturday’s we’ve had a steady stream of people coming with their kids having a really good time. Both kids and parents have been bouncing and sliding on the massive pirate ship. They been climbing in out of tents and tunnels, diving in the […]

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The sun logo

Coppafeel & the Sun…….What do you think?

Being an avid user of Facebook I have become aware of the growing momentum around the two campaigns of Coppafeel and No More Page Three. Both are great campaigns which in part due to social media have gained massive momentum spreading their completely on point messages. Breast Cancer is a horrific disease touching millions of […]

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Bounce a Go Go’s Company Culture

There are a couple of blogs that I follow that are all about business, marketing and start-ups companies. In the last month or so I have read about 4 or 5 posts that have discussed ‘Company Culture’. The general thread has been that the culture of a company can make or break it and that […]

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Bounce a Go Go Menu

Children’s Menu 1 Sandwiches (Ham, Cheese, Jam) Sausages on Sticks Savory Snacks/Cheese Biscuits/Crisps Pizza Fruit or Veg Crudities/Kebabs/Dips/Cheese Fruit Jelly Squash and/orWater Children’s & Adults Menu 2 Sandwiches (Ham, Cheese, Jam) Sausages on  Sticks Savory Snacks/Cheese Biscuits/Crisps Pizza Fruit or Veg Crudities/Kebabs/Dips/Cheese Kebabs, Chicken or Veg, chicken pieces Salads and flat breads Fruit Jelly Fairy Cakes […]

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