Our Core Values

Core Values – Bounceagogo: When myself and Charlotte Bounceagogo we had a strong feeling that some kind of Soft Play business would work in New Malden. What we really weren’t sure of was ‘How’ it would work. So, in the most basic sense we just got a load of equipment, tried to use our judgement and […]

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Baby Softplay

Tuesday Afternoon Session

Tuesday Afternoon Session: Starting on Tuesday 6th January is our new mid-week Stay n Play session. This will be starting at the Graham Spicer Institute running from 2 to 4pm which will be replacing the Wednesday morning session. We started the mid-week stay n play sessions at the end of July during the summer holidays. It was […]

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Nannies and Childminders

Due the nature of modern parenting, child care and trying to get a work/life balance finding a trusted, experienced Child Minder or Nanny has for many of us become a necessity. Unfortunately,  mortgages, rents and the general cost of living is not getting any cheaper and as we all can’t become Jackpot Lottery winners working out a plan to make […]

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New Saturday Morning Session

So, to cut to the chase the new Saturday morning session base at St James’s Church, the Corner of the High Street & Bodley Road, New Malden KT3 5QD will launch on Saturday 10th January, 9.30 to 11.30am. Now at Bounceagogo we pride ourselves on the fact that at our mid-week Stay n Play sessions and […]

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Play Like it’s the 80’s

Play Like it’s the 80’s: Being born in 1973 means that I remember the 70’s and especially 1980’s well and fondly. Girls with big hair and crispy fringes, the Human League, Ronald Reagan & Maggie, Dallas and Dynasty. The list could go on but the fondest memories I have from the 80’s have all been based […]

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Party Food Japan

Too Much Food

Too Much Food: If was could take the moral high ground on this particular issue then I would be able to speak with a degree of  authority but unfortunately I can’t as like all of our guests who have self catered parties with us at Bounceagogo we have brought along way to much food to our own Son’s parties. Much too […]

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Cheap and Cheerful

Cheap and Cheerful: At Bounceagogo we have thousands of pounds worth of toys and soft play equipment. Indeed, the most common thing that I hear as guests walk into Bounceagogo is ‘WOW’. The pirate ship, combined with all the multiple colours of all the equipment and the massive height of the ceiling can only really lead […]

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Recognising a well run bouncy castle hire business

Recognising a well run bouncy castle hire business – At bouncegogo guests come to our stay n play sessions or parties and are then inspired to hire out a bouncy castle for an upcoming child or for that matter an adults party. Such a good idea to do this as if your anything like me bouncy castles never […]

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corporate culture

Our Company Culture

About 5 weeks ago I wrote a blog post called Bounceagogo’s Company Culture. In this particular post I outlined that some of the most successful and innovative companies take the issue of their company culture extremely seriously. So much so that these companies go as far as define their company culture within a written document. […]

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Sharon at work

The Best Face Painter I’ve Ever Seen

Mother of two Sharon White is simply the best face painter I’ve ever seen and we are chuffed to bits that we have her at Bounceagogo. Charlotte and I are in fact neighbours with Sharon although we only found this out a couple of months ago when another neighbour of ours introduced us as she […]

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