Disco Jewellery

Disco Jewellery At our Discoagogo parties all the kids are given what we call ‘Disco Jewellery’. We start giving this out about 40 to 45 minutes into the party and we start with the birthday girl or boy.  They normally go straight to mum and Dad and show them there florescent ring,  bracelets, or or […]

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The Strongarm

Our Nerf Guns

Our Nerf Guns Last week we had our first Nerf Wars Party Staff training session. What this basically meant was all the Bounceagogo staff got together and played all the different games that make up our Nerfagogo Parties using all of our brand new Nerf Guns. The idea behind this was that as a team […]

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Happy Birthday Balloon

We Are Just Better

We are Just Better Wow. Now that is a big statement! But you know what, as far as we are concerned here at Bounceagogo HQ, its true! This is not to say that we get it absolutely right every single time (Although we do try). For us, everyday is a ‘School Day’, we like to […]

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Friends & Family

Just for You

Just for You One of my pet hates is that when you take your kids along to a party at a Soft Play center you have to share the party with hundreds of other children and their families. I remember the first time I experienced this. At the time we weren’t at a party. We […]

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Charlotte & James

Charlotte & James

Charlotte & James Apart from the obvious benefit of work .i.e. being paid, what we aim to achieve for the young people that work for us at Bounceagogo is that they gain not just work experience but management experience. Looking back at when I graduated, not only did I not have a clue what to do […]

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The Pirate Ship is Moving

The Pirate Ship is Moving As you can see from the picture above the Pirate Ship that we have at Bounceagogo is one, very big, so big that we could not fit into this profile picture (opposite or below if you are viewing this post on a phone) and two, absolutely brilliant fun. This was the inflatable that […]

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Why are Bounceagogo Parties So Good

Why are Bounceagogo Parties So Good? Why are Bounceagogo Parties So Good has not been a straight forward question for us to answer here at Bounceagogo HQ. We say this  because we are very confident in what we do. This is in part due the very regular positive feedback we get from out customers and their guests but after […]

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Our Core Values

Core Values – Bounceagogo: When myself and Charlotte Bounceagogo we had a strong feeling that some kind of Soft Play business would work in New Malden. What we really weren’t sure of was ‘How’ it would work. So, in the most basic sense we just got a load of equipment, tried to use our judgement and […]

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Baby Softplay

Tuesday Afternoon Session

Tuesday Afternoon Session: Starting on Tuesday 6th January is our new mid-week Stay n Play session. This will be starting at the Graham Spicer Institute running from 2 to 4pm which will be replacing the Wednesday morning session. We started the mid-week stay n play sessions at the end of July during the summer holidays. It was […]

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Nannies and Childminders

Due the nature of modern parenting, child care and trying to get a work/life balance finding a trusted, experienced Child Minder or Nanny has for many of us become a necessity. Unfortunately,  mortgages, rents and the general cost of living is not getting any cheaper and as we all can’t become Jackpot Lottery winners working out a plan to make […]

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