Playagogo is an open play sessions for families with Children who have Social Communication issues and/or are on the Autistic Spectrum (or have similar traits or conditions). To attend Playagogo you do not need a diagnosis or full fill any complicated criteria. All we ask is that you complete the Booking Form (below) to register your families attendance. We don’t have an age limit on our sessions so if you feel your child would enjoy Playagogo then please register.

To attend Playagogo you do not need a diaganosis or to fullfil any complicated criteria

The key objectives for Playagogo is to provide a play/learning opportunity for children with Social Communication issues that can be experienced with all of their family. Based at Bounceagogo‘s Yorda venue, every Saturday morning the whole family (Including Nan, Grandad, brothers and sisters) can come along for a play in our spectacular Soft play room with a range of other activities running along side.

We provide an environment for our parents where you can relax, and play with your children whilst surrounded by families with very similar experiences. In short, these sessions are great fun that all of the family can join in on! and make new friends.

Session Themes

Playagogo run’s during term time with every session focused on play and having fun. However, each week is characterised by a specific theme. Told through Social Stories the sessions theme is described. An example of a session theme is ‘Catching’ (kicking a ball, throwing, balance, running etc) . Playing alongside Playagogo staff and family, children will be either introduced to or helped to improve skills around, for example catching a ball, bean bag, hoop etc.

What makes the playagogo approach unique is that session themes are not taught in a formal way traditionally found in a classroom or PE setting. Teaching in such a way for children with communication needs can create in many cases significant barriers to fun and learning. Here at Playagogo themes are integrated to the general scheme of play .i.e. it never stops being fun. What maintains the fun is that when the child has had enough they can go off and play, do another activity or just chill out with Mum and Dad, there’s no rules, boundaries or limits.

The teaching of themes each session is not just so that children can learn to catch etc. But it is about developing all of the cognitive, social and emotional benefits associated with learning whilst playing.

Session Costs:

Parents and Adult Family Members: Free

First Child: £8

Each subsequent child: £3

Playagogo Booking Form

We ask that for each week that you intend to come to Playagogo you register yourself and your children. We ask that you do this so that manage the numbers attending. Its our intention that Playagogo is a comfortable experience for everyone attending.


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