Here at Bounceagogo we are excited to announce the launch of Nerfageddon, our most intense, crazy and fun Nerf Gun Event yet. This means 2 hours of the most full on Nerf Games you can imagine. For those of you who have been to any of our Nerf Gun Parties or went to the last Half Term Nerf Wars you will have an understanding of what we mean by Intense, Fun and Crazy accept, this time it will just be MORE!!!

Check out some of footage of our last mental Nerf event, Half Term Nerf Wars!

For our first Nerfageddon we are spliting it into two events/sessions so that we can manager numbers kids and parents effectively and therefore showing you the best time possible. The format will be as follows:

Event times

Nerfageddon (1st Event) 12 to 2pm
Nerfageddon (2nd Event) 2.30 to 4.30

Event Location & Address

St James’ Church Hall.
Bodley Road,

New Malden,

Event Times

Event 1 – 12 to 2pm
Event 2 – 2.30 to 4.30pm


Children £12
Non playing siblings £3
Parents Free

Note: This is a 6yrs+ event.

Event Capacity

Both the Event 1 and Event 2 have a maximum capacity of 20 children each (Not including parents/carers). 40 kids total across both events!

How to Book

Complete the contact form below to register your interest. Please be sure to click on the box stating whether you are coming to the 12 to 2pm or the 2.30 to 4.30 events. You will then receive within 24 hours an email confiming your children’s place at Nerfageddon. We will have to be strict regarding numbers and we are working on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, be prompt in registering for the event.

Please note: if you are going to come to both events you will have to pay for twice. Honestly though, I cannot believe anyone would have the energy.





In completing this form and paying your entrance fee, you are excepting full responsibility for your children whilst at the Nerfageddon event.  

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